Capable. Reliable. Sustainable.

United Sugar Producers & Refiners is a customer-focused sugar provider to both industrial and retail sugar buyers, nationwide. We are passionate about delivering the exact sugar you need… on-time and in-spec, when and where you need it.

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Responsible leader

We fully recognize that responsible support and stewardship of our agricultural land, farm and processing operations, people and communities is not only the right thing to do—it also makes great business sense.

We are North America’s leading supplier of sugar. We are committed to sustainable practices, farmers & farming communities, our agri-business partners and our own family of employees. And, equally important, we are committed for the long run.

What makes us distinct

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Vertical integration

We are deeply involved from the crops, to harvest, to processing, to buyer services, to sugar delivery.

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World class facilities

Our innovative, high-capacity Sugar Dome is centrally located, allowing us to be remarkably responsive to buyers nationwide

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Nationwide distribution

We proudly offer an extensive sugar distribution network, stretching from sea to shining sea

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Customer support and sugar market information

We offer a knowledgeable, responsive customer support team—to fully support you
Reliable yet Flexible
Integrated Supply Chain
Leading with Safe Choice
Advocates for Sustainability
Long-term Business Stability

Meet our members

United is comprised of four well-established agribusiness members.