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We’re here to make your life easier. We have the people, resources and technical knowledge to provide outstanding customer service—helping you to reduce costs, streamline operations and take full advantage of today’s sugar-handling best practices.

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Market expertise and education

Sugar pricing (and forecasting) can seem like a daunting task, but be rest assured that your partnership with United will provide insight and knowledge that is hard to come by. We bring you current market data, industry news and a team that helps walk you through timely supply strategies. We’re here to help.

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Operational assistance and expertise

From the sugar harvest (cane and beet) through customer delivery, we have a thorough knowledge of all things sugar. If you want to ideate, improve operations, or reduce costs—we’re ready to help.

Bag handling

  • We’re happy to explain proper storage conditions whether it’s for 2 lb. bags, or sizes all the way up to our 2000 lb. supersacks.
  • Climate conditions, stacking and dumping practices are just a few of the topics we often discuss with customers.

Bulk unloading

  • We can help you design or optimize your new bulk unloading system/processes.
  • Whether it be pneumatic or mechanical unloading, we have expertise in properly designing food safety and quality focused systems, improving efficiencies, handling sugar from bulk package to storage, as well as handling sugar dust. Most importantly, we can help you do it all safely.

Bulk sugar storage

  • Proper sugar storage is critical. Because improper storage can create many headaches with regard to food safety, quality issues and process interruptions.
  • We can provide extensive knowledge around best practices for storage, setting you up for increased success (and fewer headaches).

Bulk railcar conversion

  • Tap into our experience and expertise in designing systems for new bulk railcar unloading or converting from bulk truck unloading to bulk railcar unloading.

Sugar conveying

  • We have a vast knowledge of properly conveying sugar around facilities.
  • We can help increase the capacity of current systems, design new systems and troubleshoot systems that are damaging the sugar.
  • Need help handling sugar dust, or other sugar conveying issues? We are experienced in both mechanical and pneumatic systems.

Liquid Sucrose handling or production

  • We know liquid sugar. Whether designing new systems or troubleshooting current systems, we’re ready to share our vast knowledge of best practices regarding the storing, handling, sampling and making of liquid sucrose within specifications.

Technical and quality assistance

Outstanding customer service doesn’t just happen. It takes people, processes, extensive knowledge/experience and a genuine commitment to helping customers, in multiple ways.

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Sugar functionality

We are experts in sugar production and can help you formulate the right sugar for your product needs. We also provide valuable assistance with quality assurance.

Shelf life

We can help you better understand optimal storage conditions, sugar functionality, shelf life pitfalls and more.

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Sugar handling

How you unload, move and store your sugar has a real impact on quality and profitability. We can advise on equipment, processes and safeguards.

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Beyond providing industrial and retail sugar, we can assist with package sizing, package design, retail-ready displays and merchandising.

United technical and service advantages

Everyone offers customer service. But we go beyond the norm with industry-leading ideas, facilities and the broadness of our services.

Procurement portal

Our unique digital procurement portal allows customers to review their contracts, orders and deliveries. The portal also houses helpful documents pertaining to market reports, fuel surcharges and other relevant information.



As a major sugar supplier in the nation, we offer a distribution network that’s both extensive and reliable. Supported by a centralized, best-in-class sugar transfer facility, our distribution network helps ensure efficient delivery and pricing.


Expedited and emergency service

Things don’t always go as planned. So if you need your contracted sugar earlier than expected, or at a higher quantity than initially planned—call us. If you have an urgent sugar shortage, call our emergency sugar hotline. We’re on call 24/7.


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