What is the difference between beet and cane sugar?

The only difference is that beet sugar is derived from sugar beets while cane sugar comes from sugarcane; aside from that, they are chemically identical.

Interesting fact: Sucrose, which is what refined sugar is composed of, can be found naturally in many different things, like honey, sap, and even lawn grass—but it is most concentrated in sugarcane and sugar beets.

What is Sucrose?

Sucrose is the scientific name for sugar. It’s a carbohydrate molecule and a disaccharide created by the combination of glucose and fructose.

Where can I find your quality documents?

Please click here for quality documents. If there is a specific document you need that is not available on our public site, please email us at contactus@unitedsugarpr.com

What are the different types of sugar you sell?

We offer various types of sugar for almost any use. To see our full product listing, please click here.

How is United different than other sugar suppliers?

From a sugar-supply continuity standpoint, we are the most reliable sugar producer in the U.S. due to our volume capabilities and coast-to-coast distribution network. Unlike other sugar suppliers, our sales team, customer service team and quality assurance team are solely focused on sugar, no other commodities. We aim to exceed expectations by providing our customers with the most updated market knowledge, best in class customer service and quality products—in the most sustainable way possible.

Do you require a minimum quantity per order of sugar?

For industrial customers, we require a full truckload or 42,500 lbs. per order. Please email us for more information (or to ask for a quote) regarding your specified amount of sugar desired. Retail customers are encouraged to call 952-896-0131 with minimum quantity questions.

Where is your sugar produced?

Because United has a unique, fully integrated business structure, we provide and transport sugar throughout the nation. We have 9 sugar producing plants, primarily in the Red River Valley along the border of North Dakota and Minnesota. We also produce beet sugar in the state of Wyoming, as well as cane sugar in the Florida and Georgia.

How does brown sugar differ from white sugar?

Brown sugar consists of white sugar crystals in specially prepared cane molasses syrup with controlled natural flavor and color components. A number of sugar manufacturers make brown sugar by preparing and boiling a special syrup containing these same components until brown sugar crystals form. While others produce brown sugar by blending a special flavored syrup with white sugar crystals.